The digital world is a fast-changing terrain, and agencies often find themselves struggling to keep up with the kinds of marketing solutions clients want, need, and demand. So, how do you catch a breath? Consider white-label solutions.

It’s hard to do everything when you’re an agency owner in the digital world. Websites, branding, social media, and reputation management — juggling all these things at once can be challenging, more so if they’re evolving in ways we cannot foresee. 

To add to the struggle, we operate in a time where customers demand competitive offers, regularly from companies. Consumers are now extremely time poor and demand quick relevant deals from a single service provider. 

So, whether you want to keep up with the competition or you want to expand your service capability, white-label solutions exist to fill in your gaps and help you operate as a full-service agency. And here’s the catch: your white-label partner does the work while you get all the credit.

Now, let’s take a deep dive look at how white-labeling works and how it can be beneficial to agencies of all sizes.

The White-Label Model

White-label is a business-to-business model that enables a company to re-brand or resell products or services that another company produced. Basically, the white-label privilege allows you to put your brand on another company’s service or product to offer it to customers as your own. Sounds good, right?

Through white-labeling, you can provide your audience with a new product or service without having to start from scratch. Thus, you don’t have to go through all the trouble of spending time and money on designing and developing such products or services. 

To help you grasp the whole idea of white-label, let’s look into a big grocery store like Walmart. Inside Walmart, you can buy products sold under the Great Value brand. However, this does not mean that Walmart is the manufacturer of these products. Rather, Walmart white-labeled them from another company and put the products in Great Value packaging. 

White-Label Digital Solutions

While there are tangible products companies white-label, there are also white-label digital solutions that are perfect for digital marketing agencies.

Digital innovations are constantly evolving leaving a broad spectrum of digital competencies for digital agencies to specialise in. Some businesses lose out on the benefits new digital innovations bring, and ultimately damage their business potential. Some agencies experience development bottlenecks and compromise their quality.

However, it cannot be denied that riding along with these advancements requires an investment of time and internal resources and cannot be done over a short period of time. So, what competent agencies or businesses do is tap white-label agency services to provide them with white-label digital solutions. 

Benefits of White-Labeling

Benefits of White Label

By openly outsourcing your products and services, you are leveraging the long list of white-label business opportunities that are readily available in the digital marketing world. And this can lead your agency to a wide range of revenue, resource and productivity advantages.

The purpose of this article is to show you the benefits of white-labeling and demonstrate why your agency should consider using a white label agency. Here are some of them:

  1. Affordable access to experts and skilled workers.

White labeling lets you tap into a talented pool of developers, designers and marketing experts competent enough to make a product or offer a service at the same level as your internal staff (usually, even better). White label digital services are reliable and provide a high quality extension to your digital suite… Your brand name on their quality work.

  1. Boost customer loyalty and brand visibility.

Because of the quality work you can gain from white-labeling, your clients will associate the satisfaction and convenience they experience with the service to your brand’s name. Thus, their loyalty to your brand will increase. This is also a great way to strengthen your brand name and increase the public’s awareness of your brand. 

  1. Provide the latest innovations and refined products.

You can have direct access to start using and offering third-party (white-labeled) services yourself. These services have already gone through beta tests, revisions, troubleshooting, and a whole lot of other fine-tuning processes. Instead of launching your own service, you can use an already refined digital solution under your name. 

  1. Save time and money.

Innovating your own product from scratch may sound like a great idea until you realize all the energy and resources needed isn’t worth the cost – especially when it threatens to be unsuccessful. It’s better not to waste time and money reinventing the wheel when you can just white-label instead. 

  1. Add a new revenue stream.

White labeling makes room for new product and service options you can add to your business. Not only can you gain more sales from existing customers, but you can also attract a new audience and add a new revenue stream. 

  1. Gain a competitive edge and win the budget.

It’s an honest intent to build your own product but in a world of competitive business, you probably prefer  the idea of high-profit margins more. Innovating on a new product is also investing huge amounts of money and time, with no guarantee of the final product’s ROI. Think about it, paying for white labeling is a whole lot cheaper than paying your developer to build you a product. 

Seat Leasing Set-Up

Outsourcing companies (whether small or big) can sometimes find themselves struggling to keep up with other outsourcing companies. Taking control over the business requires keeping in touch with clients and balancing resources. However, in order to successfully accomplish these things, you need an effective workplace, which is usually the second highest expense to a business; following salary costs.

A workplace needs to have advanced infrastructure such as PCs, tables and chairs, communication equipment, software, and other expenditures. Yet, many start-up entrepreneurs or company owners know now that having such a facility causes a big dent to their capital. This is when considering a seat leasing set-up comes into play.

Outsourcing and seat leasing with Fuell allows you to take full control of your business operations without the need to worry about stationery, furniture, hardware, and software costs. 

Outsource Philippines

Outsource Philippines

As of now, the Philippines is acknowledged as a global leader in Customer Service and is the home of many major global corporations. This is because of its high literacy rate (more than 95% of the population) with many Filipinos speaking English fluently, making it a good investment to the workforce most businesses need.

Moreover, seat leasing has become a rising trend in the Philippines and it has drawn in a lot of business owners, nationally and internationally.

So, If you are looking for a competent workforce, low-cost operations, a business-friendly economy and a rapidly developing commercial infrastructure, look no further than the Philippines; specifically, in Cebu City. The opportunities that lie within Cebu City are very promising. In 2017, Cebu was voted in the top 10 best outsourcing locations anywhere in the world.

Outsourcing is a great opportunity for your agency to grow and there are a lot of companies willing to offer their support, resources, and workforce at a cost-effective rate. Be it white-label solutions or seat leasing, these digital resources can help your business skyrocket.

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