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Fuell has been developing websites and web applications since the inception of the internet. From MVC driven sites, Magento, WordPress & Custom eCommerce stores for global brands to Brochure WordPress, Craft and common CMS based websites for local companies and start-ups.

Our web development services can be categorised into several core skill sets:

Client side: HTML5, CSS3, Ajax
Server side: MySQL, MSSQL
Programming: PHP5, Ruby, JavaScript
CMS: WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Craft, Shopify, Sitecore
MVC: Laravel, CodeIgnitor, Symfony, CakePHP
Best Web Development
We offer a broad range of technological understanding which we hope will give you faith in our technical expertise. Our key development strength is our ability to build robust, scalable code modules as well as our management of client-side code developers working alongside server-side database experts. Our competitive pricing structure allows us to build websites for a relatively small investment, allowing our clients to get what they want; when they want at the price they want.
WordPress is Great!
WordPress has been described as “marmite”, but whether you LOVE IT or HATE IT, you must respect its scalability, flexibility and extremely user-friendly CMS functions.

At Fuell, we have excelled at GETTING THE BEST out of WordPress delivering dozens of exceptional, fully responsive WordPress websites to customers all over the world.

What is great about WordPress?
– Ease of the CMS
– Automated syndication
– Excellent accessibility
– Search Engine compatibility
– Fully responsive themes
Extremely SEO friendly
– Endless “plugins”

Despite these fantastic positives, WordPress must be respected and its functions properly utilised.

If you are considering a WordPress based website for your business, then Fuell should be your only point of call.

Our recent works by our Sunshine Coast Web Development team

Responsive Web Design

We absolutely ensure that every website we design is completely responsive and created for an Fuell viewing experience. Every website we deliver is compatible across all platforms and browsers.

Since the emergence of smartphones and tablets, design and user experience approaches have changed. Pixel resolutions, screen sizes and CLICK VS TOUCH ratios have revolutionised the way we think and approach design.

Our designers create sites ensuring navigation elements, screen layouts, texts, images and other UI elements respond to mobile devices.

If you require any information or guidance on Responsive Web Design, then feel free to get in touch.

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