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Visit Darwin approached Fuell in 2019 as a brand-new proposition.

Using social media as the main vehicle, Visit Darwin would be positioned as the primary channel to local Darwinian’s promoting local news, local events, local eateries and trends.

visit darwin website


Visit Darwin required full branding support which started with a deep phase of discovery where the Fuell team created a report on trends, effective color palettes and audience behavior across Darwin.

From there, our graphic designers got to work on the logo design phase, creating a simple but extremely effective logo which demonstrated the personality of the brand and supported with an icon and colour scheme which represented Darwin.

The next challenge was content marketing and further graphic design. We created an initial 3-month content calendar which included dozens of opportunities to promote the brand and local amenities whilst also created a broad range of different graphic design banners and posters to support content.

The goal was to organically, without the support of paid advertisement, create a highly engaged community on Facebook within 6 months.


The Fuell team created a highly engaged community on Facebook within 3 months through an organic social media campaign and without the use of paid advertisement. Through fantastic content, engagement with influencers and well-placed tags, the Visit Darwin Facebook channel grew organically and quickly.

Our graphic design assets were extremely well received creating incredible reach across Darwin and the Northern Territory.

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