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Social Media Marketing is where Fuell started. In the early days of MySpace, Flickr and a primitive LinkedIn,
Fuell established itself as a pioneering social media specialist agency.

For more than 10 years, through multiple developments and many significant changes in the social media industry,
Fuell stands strong as a true champion of the industry; helping businesses worldwide leverage
social media marketing, build brand awareness and cultivate communities.

As of today, social media provides businesses with the most powerful tool to connect directly with customers and prospects.

If you want to build brand awareness, increase engagement and push sales then Fuell is the perfect partner to deliver your objectives.

We are your truly creative and of course, a little obsessive Social Media Agency.

At Fuell we utilize 8 fundamental activities to solve our
partners brand challenges through social media marketing

Social Media

We use our many years’ experience to dissect your brands DNA. We understand your brand tone, key messages, skillset and position in your market to create a powerful social media strategy and manage your social media platforms.

From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Pinterest, LinkedIn to Snap Chat, we have the approach and team members available to build success on social media for your business.

Social Media

Whether your brand goals are to build brand awareness, create community, increase sales or a mixture of all, ad campaigns are an essential part of achieving success on social media.

We create clever, creative and targeted social media ad campaigns with one overriding goal; to outsmart the competition.

Social Media

Each of the social media networks require a different approach with different considerations to maximize efficiency and opportunities for success.

However, one thing is sure, if you want to engage your audience, social media marketing is essential.

Our cost-effective social media campaigns are positioned for high impact and to cut through the noise.

Influencer Outreach
Influencer outreach and influencer management are extremely important activities which are often overlooked.

The social media experts at Fuell will identify and connect with key influencers in your industry sector to maximize opportunities to increase brand reach and build brand trust.

Strategy &

Many Social Media Agencies are satisfied with simply posting a little content on a social channel and calling that Social Media Marketing; we are here to tell you that this is not.
Our team will complete deep analysis on your business, industry, trends and demographics and create a bespoke roadmap to success, completely unique to your business and objectives. 
We collaborate and recommend throughout.
Digital Campaigns
Digital is an ever-evolving landscape which our media buying specialists thrive in.
We create continually optimized digital campaigns that are dynamic and positioned for optimum performance. 
This is what our digital experts love to do. 
Event Management
The Fuell team can take the stress out of your event management requirements. Our specialists are highly skilled in planning, organizing and the production of events across a wide range of genre.
We do everything from procurement of suppliers, branding, floor plans & schematics, project management, budget and resource management. 
Whether a live social event, product launch or festival, we are ready.
Content Production
We support a wide range of content types. Whether you require a photo shoot, graphic design, videography, public relations or live posting, our team will manage your brands content marketing.
We are story tellers and will tell the story of your brand through the delivery of digital content.

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We love the diversity of Social Media Marketing. There are so many possibilities, so many opportunities and such variety across the many social media channels. The sky really is the limit with what can be achieved on social media.

Since 2008, the team at Fuell has been perfecting their trade, honing their skills and producing world class social media strategy for businesses all over the world.

We are highly experienced across dozens of social media channels available to our partners.

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With conversations occurring online with your audience it is more important than ever to be inspirational and active. 
We have worked with a wide variety of international brands and through social media have helped them connect with their audience through conversation.

Generally, our Social Media Marketing campaign strategies are produced to deliver the following:

• Excite your audience through innovative disruptive content
• Engage by driving continued engagement with an ‘always-on’ approach
• Educate your target audience on your key product or service benefits

At Fuell , we call this the 3E Methodology
Phase 1: Consultancy
Define campaign goals, set targets and expectations, review existing content & systems.

Phase 2: Auditing
Considering competitors, content, communication, conversation, audience and opportunities, we carry out an in-depth audit.

Phase 3: Strategy
Agree strategic aims & goals, identify ideas & narratives and follow audit with creative strategy.

Phase 4: Content
Produce creative content, create ongoing thematic campaigns and align scope of strategy.

Phase 5: Community Management
Working with internal teams we ensure communities are healthy, growing, influential and integrated into the strategy.

Phase 6: Promotion and Seeding
Using sphere influencers and existing networks we ensure content is seen by the right people.

Phase 7: Reporting
Monthly report generation and ongoing improvement meetings.

Phase 8: Integration
Integration of Social Media with other key digital activities.

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