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seo specialist - anthony godleyI am an SEO Expert and Digital Director from the UK, living in Australia

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I absolutely love everything SEO and am very hands on in every aspect of search engine optimisation. From creating a high-level strategic model, to creating content & writing copy, building local brand visibility, and overhauling website performance & experience to acquiring new link opportunities and building lead generation machines.

SEO is my digital passion. It is what I love to do most and since 2008 I have helped hundreds of brands achieve organic success across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.

I am a published author within the field of SEO with my first edition published in 2020: The Modern Era of SEO

Digital Direction / Brand Building

I have lost count with how many businesses I have helped to market in the last 10 years. But it has been many.

What I do is develop the digital road map which ensures start up or new businesses provide the best possible experience for their customers and not only survive but thrive in competitive markets.

From delivering world class websites in a wide range of platforms, branding & brand design, creating SEO, Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing strategies and integrating digital infrastructure such as CRM, Sales Funnels, Tech Stacks and Support Protocols; I build the framework which guarantees success for businesses.

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If you want to drive your website to the top of Google, build brand visibility and increase the interest and traffic coming into your website, we need to talk! I will help your business craft an amazing experience for your customers and help your business achieve marketing objectives

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Ramada is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, with hundreds of hotels spanning across every continent. In Darwin, you will find Ramada Suites which is one of the flagship Ramada Hotels in Australia. It has thousands of holidays makers visit every year from all around the world.

However, Darwin is an extremely competitive location for tourism. The CBD is small and cramped but offers a wide range hotels, holiday apartments and resorts. This makes for a very competitive situation and even for brands as recognizable and established as Ramada, a tough place to secure top level visibility and ranks.

Ramada needed to be more visible. When someone in Darwin, or anywhere in Australia went to Google looking for the best hotel in Darwin, Ramada demanded to be top of Google ranks. In early 2019 they simply were not top.

I decided to create a multi-tiered SEO framework which focused on national level visibility for users outside of Darwin and the NT who were searching for hotels in Darwin. I also implemented a localized SEO campaign with an emphasis on local SEO principles such as Google Pack/Google My Business optimisation, local citation building, internal link silo implementation, Google review building and website performance. This ensured that the brand was also top of Google results pages and map results across a wide range of search terms, searched from within Darwin and the NT.

Lets have a look at the results…

seo specialist - google ramada - small

What you are seeing is the result of a highly efficient local and national SEO campaign. Under business critical search terms such as Hotel Darwin.

Prospective customer within the NT or in major populous areas will now see Ramada Hotel first when searching for Hotel Darwin and many other high volume search terms.

In terms of real data, what this has meant is a 40% increase in organic bookings. More bookings during low seasons and a much higher rate of organic traffic.

Proudly Working With

Every business I work with is very valuable to me. I take the approach and the success of campaigns very personally. I like to think of myself as an extension to your business and therefore results are an indication of my ability. I therefore have a very unique approach to delivering digital success for my customers.

A little bit obsessive perhaps, but that is just the way I am made. I love sitting back and watching the customer achieve growth and success from the implementation of the marketing strategy. Below are some are some of the projects I have been involved in and must proud of.

seo specialist - Passenger seo specialist - avon seo specialist - national design academy

seo specialist - Pisidia seo specialist - MOD seo specialist - goldfinch

seo specialist - 2checkout seo specialist - atlantis


Award Winning

seo specialist - awards

Yep, I have won awards for the delivery of marketing campaigns. It has been a few years since my last nationally recognised award but is a great feeling when you are recognized by your peers for your hard work.

In 2018, I received the award. Best Digital Marketer in the region of the East Midlands in the UK. The award was in recognition for multiple high performance SEO and digital campaigns delivered to businesses across the East Midlands of the UK and ultimately helping businesses prosper in the region.

The award was presented by Corporate Vision Magazine


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