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Pisidia is an up and coming brand within the luxury apparel sector, in particular luxury hand bags. Pisidia are head quartered in Hong Kong with manufacturing predominantly coming out of China. Pisidia have a presence in Germany, USA, Australia and Malaysia and pride themselves on their eco-friendly products. All of Pisidia’s bags are made from 100% silicone.


Despite ever growing brand recognition, the Pisidia brand was divided. Retailers and distributors of the products had little direction in terms of a brand voice, global brand strategy or objectives. Products were being sold in many different countries but there was very little correlation in the marketing activities across these different regions.

We were tasked with producing a marketing strategy to unify the teams across the different regions and create one central global brand and marketing strategy.


We created an international SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy for each of the regions including Germany, USA, South East Asia and Australia. These strategies were supported with a series of central brand objectives and guidelines, including regular updates and initiatives from the central team.

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