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Cebu sits right at the heart of the Philippines. Approximately one-hour flight south of the country’s capital Manila, Cebu has become one of the most exciting Business Outsourcing locations anywhere in the World.

The Philippines is the undisputed global leader in Customer Service,
but there are many other surprising facts about the country:

The Philippines is the home of many major global corporations
The Philippines has an extremely high literacy rate of more than 95% of the population
The Philippines is one of the world’s largest English speaking countries
The Philippines is the global leader in Business Process Management (BPM)

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And it is Cebu City that is leading the way when it comes to Business & Digital innovation. Cebu is widely considered the most beautiful of major cities across the Philippines and with wonderful mountains that surround the City and the idyllic Mactan Island just a short drive away, it is no wonder why.

However, it is that Business and Digital Innovation which makes Cebu such an attractive proposition for businesses around the world.

Cebu has many world class educational facilities
Major investment has been made to improve infrastructure and technology in Cebu
Cebu offers various “state of the art” and innovative business centers
Cebu offers extremely cost-effective business opportunities

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If you are looking for a competent workforce, low-cost operations, business friendly economy and a rapidly developing commercial infrastructure, look no further than Cebu.
Fuell provide “world class” Digital, Business, Operational and Support solutions to partners all over the world from our well-equipped offices in Cebu City.

We are extremely passionate and highly experienced in delivering digital and business support solutions and pride ourselves on our competitively priced marketing and support options.

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Complete Managed Business and Staffing Services, Seat Leasing, Project Outsourcing and Digital Marketing including Web Design, Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation.
Why Cebu
Cebu City is one of the most exciting, developing digital and outsourcing locations on the planet. In 2017, Cebu was voted in the top 10 best outsourcing locations anywhere in the world.
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