Influencer marketing was and still is an important strategy for establishing trust, helping to educate your customers, and developing new connections. But it is particularly important now as an effective medium for expressing your convictions and building a community spirit.

With the Coronavirus shutdown in full swing, and plenty of people relieved of duty, it’s no wonder that we turn to media platforms in times of trouble to stay informed. 

Admittedly, since the beginning of the Coronavirus disease outbreak, almost all social media platforms have experienced an increase in traffic, with YouTube showing a 15% increase in user engagement, while WhatsApp usage has increased by 40%.

Check out this Social Media Usage report from Clicky.

However, how does this affect influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

We have seen a shift in marketing focus. Influencer marketing is even more important as the most effective brand tones become more focused on solidarity and honesty. Influencer marketing can provide much worth to marketers.

After all, influencers have seen a 72% boost in #ad content since the quarantine began which has been expertly presented by The Drum in this report.

As we continue to detach ourselves from the society, influencer marketing provides a new sense of community.

Each popular and active influencer who has formed their own unique group of dedicated and passionate followers provide a wealth of opportunity and are perfect for brands to plug into.

Influencers engage with their followers and interact with them on a daily basis – whether this is by trying to answer questions or comments or by joining in video conferences through social media platforms. Consequently, they are better positioned to appreciate their community, their behaviors, and how they feel about the current economic situation. These social listening perspectives not only provide the ideal outcomes to inspire companies to create content that better suits their customers, and also create a sense of community.

Influencers will help keep your audience knowledgeable and informed.

Followers have a great deal of trust in the influencers they are following, making them perfect for sharing key points and powerful ideas in these tough times.  In March 2020, the United Nations released its ‘Global Call to Creatives”; an Open Brief from the United Nations’ calling for influencers, celebrities, talent networks, and social media stars to develop digital content which can be able to quickly spread important updates and announcements about public health.

Influencers and public personalities across all social media platforms were making and posting videos about hand washing and hygiene, informing their followers of updates. This highlights the importance of influencer marketing at a period when more conventional marketing approaches have become redundant.

Influencer marketing functions as your market penetration.

Marketing Penetration

Marketing Penetration

With many business owners now moving more online, brands, in an increasingly crowded marketplace, have to keep on coming up with new innovative ideas to connect with their potential customers. Since most company employees work from the comfort of their homes, this indicates that many may not be able to access the materials they need to continue their advertising campaigns. And that’s where the influencer marketing option becomes very interesting. Influencers create content for a living and frequently come up with new ideas and explore new possibilities. Being locked at home didn’t lessen that ability. By teaming up with influencers, despite not getting direct exposure to your establishments, your business will continue to generate high-quality content, build brand awareness and generate leads and interest.

As we adjust to the changing standard, advertisers must acknowledge that the marketplace has shifted.

Since we’re all now confined to our residences for the foreseeable future, numerous businesses have begun evolving from their traditional marketing methods. Transferring those budgets into digital marketing campaigns and activities makes sense in the current economic environment. At the end of each day, we’re all going to look for a diversion to the tough circumstances we’re going through and influencer marketing can offer just that.

Here are the Four Key Points to be included in your influencer marketing strategy during COVID-19

    1. Make sure your content and messaging are valuable people are genuinely searching for content that they find beneficial and offer encouragement. While the percentage of ideas-based content that influencers create has grown exponentially, nobody at this time wants overly fabricated articles or impossible to achieve concepts; they only want sincerity.
    2. Practice compassion and understanding, and also be emphaticworking with reliable and respected influencers who already have a loyal community could be a great way to highlight the points that really matter to your product or service.
    3. Come up with new ways to reach your audiences it’s no longer enough to boil out the same content; preferably, businesses should consider how they can fully connect with clients, you can do this by producing more interactive elements, planning to host online meetings, and webinars to engage more directly.  
    4. Focus on the future strengthening relationships with influencers not only offers companies the chance to continue generating leads, and displaying high-quality content, but also building a strong business relationship that you can benefit from after the disease outbreak

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