Here are the tested and proven case study writing strategies that will attract the attention of your target viewers and help transform your website visitors into customers.

Case studies are an extremely important component of the brand marketing collateral for every company. Yet it takes more than just writing on a piece of paper and praying for the best to make a genuinely successful case study. It is important to understand why they are relevant, and how to compose your website’s case study which not only looks impressive but also generates excellent results.

Case Studies Explained

A case study is a way of trying to demonstrate and explain how your company benefited an individual or client to overcome a critical challenge. It aims to set out precisely how your goods or services have been used to deal with a dilemma, and the actual outcomes.

It is essential to know that a case study is not a public statement or a marketing campaign (at least not entirely); it should be about highlighting and presenting your role in the context of offering to help others. In simple terms, it isn’t about you, it’s all about your customer.

Why do case studies matter?

Garnier Case Study

Case studies can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to marketing content production. They aren’t always the most attractive type of content to make, after all, and blog entries often seem more enticing. But why engage more in case studies? Haven’t we all moved onto other stuff?

The fact is, case studies are incredibly effective and continue to be so. Their role to your business is to attract new customers, establish trust, and boost sales.

Case studies encourage you to tell a story about your product or service and how it benefited your customers. The story that you are drafting gives an impression, stimulates emotional responses, and provides additional lead generation potential to your business. Storytelling is an incredibly valuable selling technique by using the voice of your user in a data-backed study-and that is why case studies tend to perform very well. 

What Makes an Excellent Case Study?

There are indeed a variety of factors that should make a successful case study. Below are the important elements you must remember when planning to write a case study for your official site and when preparing your draft, you might want to use these as your checklist.

A Convincing Subject

Not every single piece of writing is deserving of a case study. Determine your best works and breakthroughs, how the customer reacted to what has been achieved and the consistent positive outcomes you have created..

The scale or complexity of the job does not necessarily matter. It might have been a one-off, small campaign, or a complex site relaunch over the course of a few months. What counts is the significant impact that you provided.

So your case study needs to have a decent angle. Is there anything about the project that is meaningfully different or is there something exceptional about the challenge that you handled? 


Dell Case Study

Case studies work so well as they demonstrate industry-specific experience. It is unlikely that you will find a case study that is overly broad and not oriented to the sector in which the customer operates.

Being precise means you are going to hit the nail on the head with your target audience. You want it to be comprehensible and relatable for the clients to be capable of recognizing themselves in your story.

When you are dealing with a variety of different markets, designing a case study for each industry sector is a smart strategy, so you can guarantee that you can reach new perspectives across a range of industry sectors.

Clearly demonstrated problem-solving

Case studies are solution-centric, and you need to prove yours at work. An efficient example can easily reveal and explain how you have taken on a specific problem and resolved it using your experience, goods, or services. A before and after story must exist.

Clear proof

Few factors can captivate a customer more than credible statements, statistics, and precise data – so if you don’t have results to show, you simply don’t have a case study. 

Proof is extremely crucial in today’s world, because social proof is a key component of the Renaissance innovation we are currently experiencing. Clients have become savvier and more demanding of evidence.

Read this CXL post about the composition of case studies filled with emotion.

Pick your information properly – ideally, it must be reflective of the major issue your customer was experiencing. The more the content is thought-provoking, the better. For instance, you can highlight in your case study for one of your clients that their number of subscribers had increased exponentially within the first year. 

Testimonials and reviews

Including a statement or direct quote from the client isn’t only a token of confidence, but an advantage for them to share their personal story. It is much more credible and encouraging than anything else to other potential customers.


Your case study needs to be explained in an easy-to-digest and engaging manner.

This requires and involves good sentence structure and a clear presentation (which we will be discussing later) as well as the graphic representation. You might want to get some advice and assistance from an expert designer to actually present it in the most user-friendly way. You could even consider creating a short clip to illustrate the story.

Of course, all of the major considerations still apply: headline and subtitles, keywords, numbered lists, and charts must all be included. You have to create compelling content but of course, you need to ensure the content is crawlable and SEO friendly.

Here’s How to Write your Perfect Case Study

Nailing the structure is the main factor in composing an effective case study. It has to flow very well, ensuring all the important sections and information of the story catches your customers’ attention.

Fortunately, there’s a proven and tested technique of doing this which we conform to. We suggest arranging it into the following points and sections:

1. Think of the best headline

Your headline must be an influential summary of the study, probably showcasing one of its primary objectives or accomplishments.

Case Study Headline Example XBOX

2. Think of your Target Audience

Open with a brief introduction about the customer; who they are, about their business and the background of the company. You may use their official site or social profiles to base it on.

3. Discuss the Challenge   

Discuss over a paragraph or two the problems that your customer was experiencing and expecting to resolve. There might be only one, or a few other specific problems.

4. Give a Solution 

As for what you did. Explain how your services or goods have managed to help to fix the issue. Move into the details, and explain your reasoning, and demonstrate the good choices that were made throughout the process as well.

5. The Outcome

It’s also easier to use actual numbers, not just ambiguous claims like ‘more than tripled their cash flow.’ Nail it honestly by pulling out accurate data!

6. Show the testimony

Finish with your client’s quote, preferably describing how their company has indeed been strengthened or how satisfied they are with all the service you provided. It doesn’t have to be long but it should be real and factual. And be confident of using your own terms, instead of attempting to make it traditionally corporate.

Case studies: Steps to Follow

So now you have everything you need to start writing a case study that will attract and potentially persuade your audiences. Naturally, there are no 2 case studies exactly identical (and shouldn’t be), but if you commit to a framework then you can achieve the following 3 core elements:.

  • What was the issue?
  • What solution did you offer?
  • What proven success can you highlight?

As long as you have the answer to those key questions you’ll be on the right track.

It takes time and commitment to create successful case studies, but the effect it can provide and the opportunities it can contribute to your company make it an immensely worthwhile investment.

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