Google’s Voice Search is showing big signs of catching up with Apple’s Siri, as voice search as a whole gains significant ground. Even as far back as two years ago, 55% of US teenagers were using voice search at least twice a day, and it’s thought that over half of search queries will be voice-based by 2020. Companies and SEO professionals are being urged to optimise content for voice search and specifically Google’s own service of the same name at the earliest opportunity.

Make Voice Search work for you

Voice Search is able to comprehend terms like “near me” and use the searcher’s physical location to deliver relevant results. Companies are being told to check and update their listings across the web to ensure they are accurate and ready for Voice Search as they are likely be penalised if incorrect information appears on listings pages. As people generally use longer search phrases when using their voices, it’s vital that companies target long-tail keywords and think about the phrases their potential customers are likely to use.

Simpler searching

Voice search is mainly used on mobile, but with more and more browsing taking place on devices like phones and tablets, it’s vital that we cater for those using handheld devices as well as laptops. This means that your site needs to be fully-optimised for mobile so potential customers don’t click back and head to a competitor. Google Voice Search allows users to get access to the information they require quickly, without the fuss of typing queries, which means it offers vast benefits to mobile users in particular. The more companies embrace Voice Search and cater for those that use it, the better the customer experience is, leading to higher sales and greater brand engagement levels.

Embracing Voice Search and Siri

Help is at hand if you need assistance in making Google’s Voice Search and Apple’s Siri work for you. At Synergy, we have vast experience when it comes to optimising sites and their content for mobile and voice search, and we have supported companies from a wide array of industries

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