We just love WordPress here at Fuell. Yes, there are other fantastic Content Management Systems, and website environments out there such as Shopify, Magento, Craft and BigCommerce, but WordPress offers such amazing flexibility and scalability, it really must be our favorite CMS to work with.

As a well establishing and affordable web design specialist agency, we have been working with WordPress nearly 10 years, and in our opinion, many of the sites we have created could have made this list.

However, with so many excellent WordPress websites created, we have decided to only include our favorite WordPress Web Design created by our team; and yes, it goes in at #1 position.

Let us get to it. Our Top 10 WordPress Websites since 2019 are:

National Design Academy

Creator: Fuell
Website URL: www.nda.ac.uk

This is a cool website. A clean, simple but informative experience is brought together with some fantastic imagery and interactive features, such as the courses showreel and video content.

A lot of what is great about this website is hidden behind the user interface. The website has a full student enrollment system and state of the art and highly intuitive student learning portal, which allows students to access all their online courses, interact with teachers and submit work.

This site is a great example of what our Web Design Sunshine Coast team can achieve through customized theme development in WordPress. The website is highly optimised for performance, load speed, crawlability, content quality and keyword density. Our SEO team have done a fantastic job alongside our affordable web design team.

National Design Academy Best Web Design


Porter & York

Website URL: www.porterandyork.com

This website is a great example of quality imagery and graphic design. The image of the filet mignon alone is enough to make you want to click through and find out more.

The site has been created using a custom theme.

Custom WordPress Development Sunshine Coast


Blue Star Coffee Roasters

Website URL: www.bluestarcoffeeroasters.com

This website features on multiple top WordPress website lists. It is so easy to navigate, excellent image production and the colour coded main navigation menu add an extra level of appeal and experience for the user.

Best WordPress Website Sunshine Coast


Smoke Haus

Website URL: www.smokehaus.com.au

The home page of this website simply is a single, above the fold segment. No scroll whatsoever, and it does not need it. Within 2 seconds you know exactly what to expect from this website and the journey from home page to purchase is nothing short of sensational.

When a design team is given the time to be creative, this is a great example of what can be achieved. Kudos from our Web Design Sunshine Coast team to the creators of Smoke Haus.

Best Web Design in Sunshine Coast


The All Blacks

Website URL: www.allblackshop.com

The iconic and arguably greatest national rugby team in the world, The New Zealand All Blacks, use WordPress to great effect to promote merchandise. WooCommerce is the vehicle for online transactions and online shopping, but the simplicity in colour is what makes the site so powerful. An almost metallic black with the word All Blacks in white just says it all. The splash of yellow really helps the aesthetics too.

The All Blacks Website


Jack Rudy Cocktails

Website URL: www.jackrudycocktailco.com

Great use of white with the almost medicinal imagery to present this awesome range of spirits and cocktails. This is a about as modern a UI can look.

Modern Web Design Sunshine Coast


Sarahs Snacks

Website URL: www.sarahssnacks.com

This is a very nice-looking website. We love the branding of the products, the core brand green against the white and the flat white design.

Flat Web Design Sunshine Coast


Better Body Foods

Website URL: www.betterbodyfoods.com

Very powerful above the fold videography with warm and friendly branding make Better Body Foods a website instils trust as soon as you hit the page.

Trusted Web Design Sunshine Coast


Bog Berry Dryer Balls

Website URL: www.bogberrydryerballs.com

An unusual product, but do not they look cool. This is a great lesson for those obscure product ranges; create an awesome website and invest in the time and effort to get the best imagery, graphics and photography and you will have a website that makes sales.

Cheap Web Design Sunshine Coast


Strandberg Guitars

Website URL: www.strandbergguitars.com

The products featured as you scroll down the home page are perfectly positioned and look nothing short of majestic against the black background. The swirls of fire and monochrome foliage help create an enticing user interface. Its an incredible design and a fantastic website all together.

Web Design Gold Coast

And there you have it, our top 10.

We discussed over 100 websites to get to this top ten and to be fair, there are many that could have made the top 10 WordPress website list.

At Fuell, we continue to be the go to WordPress Web Design team and as a Sunshine Coast Web Design, Gold Coast Web Design and Brisbane Web Design specialist agency, we take a lot of inspiration from these amazing demonstrations of world class web design.

If you like something you have seen from one of these designs and want something similar for your website, let us know and let us get to work bringing your ideas to life.

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