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Avon is one of the World’s most recognised brands. The American “super retailer” operates Worldwide and is a house hold name in the selling of beauty, self-improvement and household products. Head quartered from New York, Avon became the second largest direct selling enterprise in the World, in 2016.
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In 2016, Avon contacted us with some complex issues that required a solution through digital innovation.

The issues were related to several Avon regions in South East Asia; particularly the Philippines. Despite Avon’s “household name” accolades in the USA, Australia and UK, they were finding brand awareness trickier in S.E. Asia. Avon Philippines required a significant boost across their entire brand; both in terms of their brand reach through Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media, as well as their endorsements.


Fuell got to work straight away. First, via a series of discovery phases, we created a high impact Public Relations and Search Engine Optimisation campaign which offered both a solution to short term publicity and long-term rankings. Avon Philippines was quickly published in some of the countries most recognised magazines including Candy.

Celebrity endorsements soon followed with Anne Curtis featuring products both in TV led advertisements and magazine.

Fuell were also involved in the Global 2019 Avon Brochure. Avon Philippines is now a high-ranking site on Google and a highly recognised brand across the Philippines.

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